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26th Wooten Golf Classic
Cancelled but support still wanted

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Our Wooten Golf Classic is cancelled for a third and most likely final year due to the pandemic. Look for updates for October 2023.

Your support is still wanted to help us provide tuition-free afterschool and summer programs for more than 400 students in grades 3-12 per year.

Wooten Golf Classic is a charity event presented annually by our Board of Directors to raise support for our youth center programming. Click on the Donate button to give online or mail your gift to the address below.

Thank you. :)

Naomi McSwain, Executive Director

(323) 756-7203 office



  • Sapphire ($50,000)

  • Diamond ($25,000)

  • Platinum ($10,000)

  • Gold ($5,000)

  • Silver ($2,500)

  • Bronze ($1,500)

  • Partner ($1,000)

  • Supporter ($500)


Thank you to our 2021 sponsors:

  • Platinum-Plus: John and Evelyn Lapham,
    Kit and Karen Jennings
    Steven and Debra Oh

  • Gold: Bank of America, Tom and Laurie McCarthy, Paul and Melinda Wetmore

  • Silver-Plus: Charlotte de Silva, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

  • Bronze-Plus: Alice Short and Steve Vielhaber

  • Bronze: Drs. Bernard and Connie James, John and Kathy Talley-Jones

  • Partner: Terry Dobson and Dr. Saeri Dobson,
    Leslie Fishburn, Keith and Paulette Parker

  • Supporter: John and Jill Arnstein

And thank you to our 2020 sponsors who helped us get through our initial pandemic financial challenges:

  • Platinum-Plus: John and Evelyn Lapham,
    Kit and Karen Jennings, Steven and Debra Oh

  • Gold: Gary and Karen Wagner,
    Paul and Melinda Wetmore

  • Silver-Plus: Frank Babka, 
    David and Elizabeth McFadzean

  • Silver: Brian Condon and Kara Rossi,
    Kinecta Federal Credit Union,
    Merrill Lynch, Keith and Paulette Parker

  • Bronze: John and Kathy Talley-Jones

  • Partner: Frank and Rosemary Denkins

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Online Payments: