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Board of Directors

"The most rewarding part of working at the center is seeing the children progress over time. I've been here over 20 years now and have seen
many kids give some very passionate testimonies about the center's involvement in their lives. I am very happy to see it."

Paul Wetmore, Wooten Board Chairperson / Merrill Lynch, Managing Director, Investments

Our board of directors is totally awesome.

They participate faithfully in governance and fiscal oversight via general board and committee meetings and an annual retreat.


With expertise in areas including finance, business, nonprofit management, technology, and secondary and higher education, they offer a wealth of experience to help manage our affairs and sustain our programs and operations.

In addition to meetings, they contribute in a variety of ways, including volunteering with students and staff and serving as sponsors for our dinner and golf fundraisers. Each year our board gives or gets in total more than $100,000.

For information on board membership, contact our executive director Naomi McSwain at 323-756-7203, or go to Contact to send her an email.

The Wooten Center is grateful for the people providing support for our operations and programs through membership on our board of directors. We appreciate everyone for the time and expertise they give to provide the most effective and efficient services possible for our youth, families and community.

Wooten board retreat

Wooten board members at their annual retreat at Pepperdine (above) and volunteering in our programs and activities (below)