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See the video below for an overview of our afterschool and summer programs.

Click here for more videos of our classes, workshops, and more on YouTube.

Click here for some very helpful videos Wooten teens created on coping with depression.

Click here for another Wooten teen video "COVID-19 Impacts Among Families at the Wooten Center"

"The Wooten Center is extraordinary! It's the epitome of our community. The services provided to the children and to the families are just over the top! It exhibits so much positivity and we pray every day for the center to continue to provide for the children in our community and to provide excellence for our children in education and anything possible. Our children can strive from receiving the best tools from the center itself and staff. All praises to the staff and the whole entire Wooten Family!"

Love always, The Castillo Family!

At the Wooten Center

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