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Wooten Dollar Store

For Our Youth!

What is Wooten Dollar Store?

Congratulations, students! We love yooooouuuu!!!

Wooten Dollar Store is YOUR store! This is the place to spend the Wooten Dollars you earned for participation and performance at the center. Great job!

The store is back in person at the center in December and June for the afterschool program and in August for summer camp. Students can choose any items you want as long as you have dollars to spend. Stay in your budget! We are your banker and know how much you have in your account! 

If you don't have enough to buy what you want, earn more by attending (participating) and excelling (performing) in your activities, including being helpful! You can save all or some of your dollars and shop at our next store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share your dollars with your siblings?

Yes. You can put your dollars together with your siblings to buy more expensive gifts.

Can you buy more than one item?

Yes. As long as you stay in your budget!

Can you buy gifts for other people?

Yes! These are your dollars. Shop for whatever you want to buy!

Can you use your leftover dollars later?

Yes! Students with dollars left over after they shop can spend them at our next store.

Need help?

For info on your total dollars and other questions, visit or call our office at (323) 756-7203. See you at our next store!

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