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Teen Scholars

Planning for high school success and college admissions

"The Wooten Center was there for me when I needed the support the most. They really encourage you to be the best person you can be and they also give you the resources you need to succeed at what you do." 

Gift Udeh, Wooten alum / CSUN, electrical engineering student

Who are Teen Scholars?

Teen Scholars are students in grades 8-12 who are making and achieving their plans for success in high school. They are engaged in advanced classes, extracurricular and other activities to gain admissions and financing for their select colleges.

Who are our advisors?

Biweekly Teen Scholar planning meetings are facilitated by Eric Moore, executive director of Educate California, developer of the virtual LifePrep Academy portal to be used to create the plans online. Eric studied industrial psychology at CSULB and produces the LifePrep Academy curriculum used by numerous schools and community agencies to prepare students for life after high school.

Eric will be joined by Wooten college and career advisor Daphne McAdoo. Mrs. McAdoo retired from LAUSD as a college advisor at schools including Crenshaw, Dorsey, Washington and Narbonne. She has a BA in sociology from UCLA and an MA in counseling from CSUDH. She currently serves as a reader for UCLA freshman college applications.

Can the advisors help seniors complete college applications?

Yes. High school seniors can submit our request form to meet with Mrs. McAdoo for support completing applications for college admissions, scholarships and other financial aid. She can also provide advisement for choosing schools and majors.

How do students participate in Teen Scholars?

Students in grades 8-12 can RSVP for the biweekly Teen Scholars meetings held on Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm. High school seniors can submit our request form for help with college applications.

Why should students participate?

If you want to know what it takes to achieve admissions to your select college and to achieve careers that can satisfy your personal and financial goals, Teen Scholars is for you. If you want to avoid the disappointments that come for many seniors who wish they had known what it took for other students to get into their choice schools, this is the place!


Our advisors above and partners below are available to help guide students in grades 8-12 in creating and maintaining plans or roadmaps to reach their highest aspirations. We have high expectations for you!

Other College and Career-Prep for Teens​

College Applications Night (CAN)

High school seniors are invited to attend our monthly College Applications Night held on Zoom on the third Friday, 6-7:30pm, with volunteer mentors from the Southern California Council on Black American Affairs. The mentors, current and former college administrators, are available to help students choose colleges, majors and careers, and complete essays and other information needed to submit with their college applications. RSVP

College Admissions Process (CAP)

Boys and girls in grades 9-12 are invited to this monthly workshop with mentors from AKA Sorority, Inc. Tau Beta Omega. The mentors discuss topics such as searching for colleges, finding extracurriculars, managing income, etc. They bring professionals to share their college and career experiences. CAP is held on the first Fridays, 6-7:30pm. RSVP

More Teen Activities

Teen Scholars, CAN and CAP are part of our MyCollegeTrek Program for teens only. Click here for more information on other activities such as our teen helper internships, Ron Glass Memorial Scholarships, and weekly Teen Talk.

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