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Isidra Person-Lynn
Apr 24, 2021
Thank you for the group email! I need to reach out to the tutors about the Spring Showcase, our time to showcase the work we do, successes, interesting interchanges, etc. So, I will start here, then look for emails from the new email for tutors. If you have some idea that you would like to share, please drop a video or photo link into the tutor portion of the common drive.I hear there are 36 or so tutors so we need to have short clips for ELA which can be directed to my attention. For Math, Mr. Casey soon will share his plans for those presentations. I am having some students do interviews with the volunteer tutors who work with me some days and vice versa. It's a great way to prompt Wooten testimonials. All the tutee must do is sit in front of the computer or device and look into the camera light to interview someone, deliver a short presentation, or read short stories or poems. Since each class is recorded and posted, it's easy to go to your previous spring classes to find and edit portions that you want to use. They can read portions of their writings to the audience. Or you can ask them to write a couple of lines about the subject of your or their choice. At the showcase there will be a lot of awards, presentations and performances to the parents, board members, etc. There may be some game playing and dancing but I am not sure of that. Please make sure that anything you submit is clearly labeled with your name, the student's name, grade and title/description of what they are reading from (their writing, poetry, success stories, more colorful interactions in your session, etc.). We can use stills but really need well-lit video with great audio. Check the background for items that should be removed. The closer they are to their screens, usually the audio is better. The speaker's head should be as close to the top of the screen without cutting it off, and always shoot it vertically if you use (or have them use) a different device. The event is scheduled for May 27, in the evening, I believe. Deadline? We are on an ASAP basis because few of us have time to edit, render, download, upload, etc. If only 5 of you respond, that finished piece could be very long so we will be editing right down to the good meat--shorter than TikToks! ELA tutors, please send me an email with questions or suggestions. I can be reached at For the Math tutors, you may want to check with Mr. Casey to see what his plans are. Thank you for tutoring these bright minds. Have the best rest of the weekend, ever! Isidra Person-Lynn ELA Lead